Why come to Cambridge Startup Weekend?


So, you’ve read the background information, the articles, and watched the video.

“I’m not really sure my startup idea is good enough, or if I even have one. Why should I go?”, you ask.

Because at StartupWeekend, you will get

  • the great experience of working in a supercharged team for just 54 hours, and then be free to leave to pursue your own stuff
  • the opportunity to work on some fun / unique / inspiring projects [for some examples see here]
  • a weekend experiment to enjoy, and pick up skills that you can take away for your own development
  • a chance to network with a wide range of cool & interesting people, from Cambridge, the UK and Europe
  • free mentoring and advice from people with a huge range of experience

And just to stress the fact that “any idea is good”, we are launching our very own AntiPitch competition. Anyone can submit an idea on twitter, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26. We will then award 2 free tickets to the wackiest project that you suggest.

Just make sure that in your twitter post you add: #antipitch. Or use this handy link

P.S. Thanks to James and the folk at StartupWeekend Eindhoven for the AntiPitch idea.