Startup Weekend alumni now organisers for next Cambridge event


Joining the Organising Committee of this May’s StartUp Weekend are Stephen Parkes and Brice Fernandes. The event in May will see developers, designers, educators and business people come together to work on new ideas in the EdTech space. Stephen is helping involve industry partners while Brice is focused on fostering and publicising the event to the developer community in Cambridge.

Stephen and Brice both began their Startup Weekend journey as attendees in weekends organised across the country in 2012.

With a background in the education and private equity sector, Stephen joined his first Startup Weekend in November 2012 here in Cambridge. His interest in attending the event was to “find and work with talented, passionate individuals who wanted to start new companies.” His team were runners up. After the weekend he went on to found Go Enrol which aims to make course discover, comparison and enrolment easier for students. The site has now been used in over 70 countries and has won awards, such as the Shell LiveWIRE and RSA Catalyst award.

Brice is an entrepreneur by accident, and had his first taste of Startup Weekend in Edinburgh in 2012, where his team won the best technical prize. Becoming somewhat of a Startup Weekend addict, he went on to win the July 2013 Sheffield Startup Weekend. He left his day job as a software engineer to pursue the idea full time the very next day. The team then went on to win a national competition to attend the RioInfo conference in Brazil later that year. He is now growing Metaflow, a tool to take away the pain and complexity of managing business processes.

After attending several events, Brice and Stephen have now joined the organising team for Startup Weekend Cambridge, and look forward to helping others follow on the same path and begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Want to be an entrepreneur? Want to know more about Startup Weekend? Why don’t you visit our website and register for the next event. We’ll be holding a kick ass weekend from the 23rd to the 25th of May, and you’re welcome to join us!

You can also buy tickets directly on our Eventbrite page.

Looking forward to seeing you there!